Recommended Books

These are book that had and continue to have a lot of impact on me.


1. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey - This was my real introduction to personal development and I have never looked back. It has changed my thinking completely about the fact that we can always choose a response to every situation.

2. The power of habits - Charles Duhigg - This is book as influential as the above book by Covey. It explains the process behind a habit and more importantly how to replace a bad habit with something better.

3. Your Brain At Work - David Rock - This books combines the research in neuroscience with stories and tells some key points which are useful to make the best of our brains and improve both our work and professional lives.

4. The effective Executive - Peter Drucker - A classic about being an effective executive and the best of yourself. Very inspiring and relevant.


1. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus - John Gray - This book by John Gray is a must read for everyone. This explains how man and women are different. These are not hard and fast but everyone can identify with what is said which nicely sets up to understand and accept what we already might not have experienced.

Making and keeping big changes:

1. Switch - Chip & Dan Heath - We really understand what it takes to make big changes and keep them. Was really helpful to me in making habit changes and getting new habits.