Friday, February 20, 2015

Effective Executive - Decisons

An executive has to understand that there are no facts. Every one has an opinion. So each opinion should be tested against reality. So he should ask - What should we know to test this hypothesis.
Finding the appropriate measurement is not a matter of mathematical judgement. It is a risk-taking judgement.

Next one has to consider alternatives. Because our decision may be wrong. And alternatives even if they are not right bring about all the points about the item of discussion. And if our decision is wrong, we would already have thought out the alternatives.

One more thing is an executive can take a decision after bringing out the disagreements on the table. That way he can guard himself against the people with special request who want to tilt the decision their side.

Ignore the small things if they don't really affect the decision. Sleep on the decision a couple of days or weeks at max and even within that time, the demons haven't spoken, then the effective executive should go ahead with the decision even if he doesn't like it.

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