Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Effective Executive - What can I contribute

1. Effective workers ask what can I contribute. This makes his focus outward not on his skills and work but on how it can help the organization.
It changes the mindset of the executive from inward focussed to outward focussed. He will learn what is required to contribute and do that.

A specialist should learn about where his work is used and make sure his contribution is effective. He has to learn how to bridge his knowledge to the external world.

A effective executive communicates in regards to the work. His communication will be based on contribution. If he decides he has to do something for the organization, his communication will improve, his team work will improve. His quest for excellence also pushes his subordinates and superiors alike to do the best and it will improve them also.

An effective executive makes the best of meetings. he has a clear agenda. He listens to what others are speaking and finally summarizes by saying what was the opening question and what the conclusions are based on the meeting.

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